Software application development

Today, many corporations are going through IT -enabled changes brought about by implementing information technology like corporate database, internet to access world-wide business, etc. 

Organizational restructuring is required to deliver the new IT- technology-enabled business processes. These reasons force many IT service companies in the world to forge head-on into the notion of application integration middleware. 

As a result this creates a market in application development services. AKI as System Integration Company provides such application development services for customers who need development for a specific and customized IT application, such as: Custom Software & Database Design.

We provide custom software development for database applications, data warehousing/mining, Geographical Information System (GIS) and data exchange/interfacing between Back-end and Front-end systems to meet the various needs of organizations from department level all the way up to enterprise level. With qualified in house developers in Oracle, SOL Server, Informix, etc. We can quickly produce a system tailored to the way you do business instead of doing business at the cost of an off-the-shelf system. We use emerging and, popular open system platform tools such as java, visual basic, Visual C++, etc. to create User intefaces.


We also help customers in building or retrofiting their IT infrastructure and consult them toward te new era of business interaction by utilizing internet power, namely e-business. AKI provides consullancy design and implementation of e-business systems.