Pipeline Transmission System & Terminal Automation

Asia Karsa Indah (AKI) provides you with a complete Real Time Control & Monitoring System comprising of data acquisition, supervisory control, Man machine Interface (MMI), event and alarm management, sequence of event recording, historical data archiving, design calculations, dynamic and historical trends through a range of SCADA hardware like Remote Termincal Units (RTU), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLS) and SCADA Software Packages.
AKI utilized intelligent Electronic Devices (IED), involved in gathering data from the pipeline system to the SCADA master Station.

Communication system, the heart of pipeline control system utilizes advanced technologies like fiber cables, Microwave Radio, VHF/UHF systems, VSAT Links, etc. for linking remote devices to the Host Computer, as well as for Remote Monitoring & Control.

The imgenious communication system design involves one or more transmission methods taking into consideration of customer’s needs and also selection of economical and optimum equipment design for future system expand ability. Thus, providing a flexible trustworthy system with no interfacing troubles.


Pipeline Management System (PMS) with Real-Time, On-Line & Off-Line application is capable of modeling and simulating simple and complex pipeline networks to support functions sucah as Leak Detection, Look a Head Simulation, Line Pack Analysis, Hydraulic Profiles, Batch Tracking, and Cost Analysis in Real-Time Mode and off-line Modeling for Planning Purpose. Forecasting and ngineering Analysis plus a full compliment of operator raining tools are also available

SCADA Software can also be linked to Relation Data Base Management System (RDBMS) for data wareousing and can further be used as a database for Geographical Information System (GIS) application

Terminal Automation System with flexibility to be integrated with the SCADA system combines the tank loading automation function and cmmercial processing activities of a terminal with in a single integrated system using clien/server technology providing quality management information necessary in today’s e-business world.