Oil & gas production optimization system

  • Communication system , the heart of field management, utiliziing Point to Multi-point or Multiple Address System for linking spread out devices in the field to the host computer, it takes into consideration all he critical design parameters as well as future expandability factors to build a reliable & trust worthy communication system with no interfacing problem.
  • Obtain more accurate data validity by availability of up to the minute information about field conditions & operations.
  • Increased production by decreasing downtime through “look ahead” analysis.
  • Windows solution, easy to user, high compability, etc Controls all major well types (Beam, ESP, Flowing, Gas lift, Injection) for efficient management Give you te power o run your fields and not just control.
  • Provides, more tan just SCADA system, with an advanced analysis and design performance of the system Capabilities to predict problems before they happen, in order on avoid construction work over Proven well failure predicions, eradicates inefficient process conditions with quick error identification, automatic well testing, all are part of our expertise to make your fields more profitable

Providing up to the minute information about your field with complete analysis to assist you in making sound decision while operating your field. Manag your Oil & Gas wells without having to visit th field because now you have real-time data from each well type at your finger tips and also access to historical data to trend and compare records and make decisions.

AKI Makes all this possible for you due to it’s vast experience and expertis in this field. AKI’s fleet consists of highly efficient multi disciplinary engineers who have executed various projects in the Asia Pacific Region.