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Adding to the recent COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, it has reminded us even more on the importance having good IAQ (indoor air quality) since the airborne contaminants can affect the immunity of an individual, which may hinder the fight against the deadly virus. WHO (World Health Organization) also agreed to the fact that COVID-19 can be airborne longer than suspected in the form of aerosol transmissions besides transmission through droplets on surfaces containing the virus.

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Clean, Purify & Remove air contaminants, dust & harmful particles with Virus Guard HEPA filter, a high performance grade filter that inactivate airborne virus by 99.99% plus TerraCombĀ® ceramic activated carbon, high efficiency in removal of heavy gases pollutants /odour

Fire Alarm System

AKI provides a broad range of services related to the design, installation, and maintenance of Fire Protection System. Our innovative designs can be used for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications, providing the highest levels of protection within the industry.

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One way to explain what systems integration means is by combining various independent tools and forcing them to work as a unified whole. Most companies use several different subsystems, and connecting them into one will most likely result in losing precious assets, information.

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