Electrical Utility System

As a result of the continued need to improve the service quality to the end-users, along with the new policies of government to increase the efficiency and reduce down time, electric utility companies are taken to task to undertake a revision, modernization, and rasionalization of their Transmission/and Distribution Networks.

We, at PT. Asia Karsa Indah (AKI) have positioned ourselves to be a system integrator capable of providing turnkey solutions to our utility industry customers. AKI offers field proven products with open system architecture and highly professional engineers to address all specific requirements.

The areas in which we can offer an integrated solutions for the utility industry are:

  • Network Telecontrol, including remote control of distributions and switch elemens in te medium voltage network (11 KV – 20 KV), as well as remote measurement of load.
  • Distribution Management System (DMS), both in real time and at study level, incorporating functions such as topological analysis of the network fault detection, and isolation, service re storage, etc.
  • Energy Control & Customer Management, allowing to identity the control of non-essential loads, energy balance connection / disconnection.
  • Integration into other Corporate System,
  • contributing to a proper management planning, and overall evolution of distribution network, such as Geographical information System,
  • Power Outage Analysis, etc