Asia Karsa Indah (AKI) is an established organization built on commitment, and valuable long-term promises to our clients. Our goal is to offer complete and manageable solutions addressed to our client’s need in an economical way through continues innovation. AKI focuses on applying current and leading edge technologies to our full range of services to make sure our client’s facilities function properly for smoother and efficient operations

Asia Karsa Indah (AKI) is a system integration company specializing in real-time control systems and information technology systems. Since 1992 AKI has served numerous clients in oil & gas, electric utility, telecommunications and industrial commercial sectors, ranging from simple stand-alone automation system to a complete integrated process control and information system.

As a multi-disciplinary organization with high engineering standards, our engineers analyze and design systems based upon client’s requirement. We believe that we can provide solution to address today’s business scenario by anticipating the needs of continued growth and success for the upcoming future.

In maintaining our primary focus to provide real time control system solutions, we have also developed expertise in management information system, off/on line simulation technique, and energy saving, which can be synergized whenever required.

We take single vendor responsibility and have capabilities to provide downstream services involving mechanical, piping and structural engineering in order to provide a full spectrum of services to client’s need in one turnkey package.

Our vast experiences wit our depth of expertise providing turnkey services involving engineering, procurement and construction make us an excellent choice among customers to achieve their


In formed a join venture with Federal Lisbert Automation Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore.


Has involved several overseas SCADA projects in
China, Thailand, Brunei and a lot more.


Was awarded 2 pipeline SCADA World Bank International Projects at East Java Gas Pipelines.

Specialize in:


As a result of the continued need to improve the service quality to the end-users, along with the new policies of government to increase the efficiency and reduce down time, electric utility companies are taken to task to undertake a revision, modernization,and rasionalisation of their Transmission/ and Distribution Networks.



Providing up to the minute information about your field with complete analysis to assist you in making sound decision while operating your field. Manag your Oil & Gas wells without having to visit th field because now you have real-time data from each well type at your finger tips and also access to historical data to trend and compare records and make decisions.




Not only designing or developing our business partners needs, we are also providing repair services for radio and telecommunications equipment, two way radio communication VHF/UHF, satellite communication equipment, etc.